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A nationwide network of experienced, fee-only advisors hand selected by investor-advocate Pam Krueger.

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Rigorously Vetted.

High-quality financial adivce and expertise you want - and deserve

No two consumers are alike when it comes to financial situations and needs.

That’s why we’ve carefully curated the Wealthramp advisor network to address different financial needs. While every advisor is deeply experienced and highly qualified, many specialize in specific areas.

Interested in socially responsible investing (SRI) or ESG? Want a retirement planning expert? Or tax-focused financial planning? No matter where your priorities and passions lie, we’re ready to match you with an advisor who can move you toward your financial goals. site.

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All the work you do are truly remarkable and make a significant positive impact on the lives you touch. I feel
blessed to be part of such a dedicated organization, and I appreciate the opportunity to work alongside all of you.

Scott VanDenBerg, CFP

Advisor on the Wealthramp Network

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Fiduciary & Fee-Only

Wealthramp is the only nationwide network of fee-only advisors with years of experience independently serving clients with diverse needs and preferences. Tell us what you need help with, and we’ll recommend an advisor that you can trust.

Unbiased, Deeply Experienced

Advisors don’t pay Wealthramp to join our network, and they don’t pay for leads. Each has been invited to join because we’ve rigorously vetted them, and we trust them to serve you well and exceed your expectations.

WR ADVISOR NETWORK mockup 1.pdf-image-016
WR ADVISOR NETWORK mockup 1.pdf-image-016

We Don't Want to be the Biggest Network. We Want to be the Best

Wealthramp network advisors are credentialled, experienced, and have the highest client retention rates. We’re proud of every advisor in our network, and we think you’ll love them too. Out of those 70,000 people out there that are using the title “financial advisor , Wealthramp is home to the very best advisors. And we’ve curated the network to be able to serve clients at any income or asset level.

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