A Vetting Process That’s Beyond Rigorous

Plenty of people call themselves a “financial advisor.” But very few meet our standards.

Every member of the Wealthramp advisor network is personally interviewed and evaluated by our founder, Pam Krueger. She has spent over 25 years advocating for and educating consumers on how to make the most out of their money.

Here’s a closer look at our rigorous vetting process:


Pre-screen to eliminate candidates who are investment brokers and insurance sales reps. This ensures all advisors on Wealthramp are fiduciaries, who actually sign an fiduciary oath to always put their clients' best interests first.


Thoroughly review regulatory records for both the advisor candidate and the firm they work for. We also ensure they’re properly registered with all required government agencies. 


Pore over all available relevant databases to understand their work history, and look closely at any client complaints or other red flags. Review their total fees and expenses to make sure they fall within a reasonable range. 


Conduct an in-depth final interview with each potential advisor. Pam handles each one of these personally because background checks only show so much. This conversation reveals much more detail about the services they provide, where their expertise lies, their approach to client service, and what they’re passionate about. 

We’ve designed our vetting process to ensure that our network covers an expansive range of specializations and expertise. So whether you’re just starting out, ready to retire, or anywhere in between, you’ll find a Wealthramp advisor who is right for you, right now.

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