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The seeds of Wealthramp were planted during the 2008 financial meltdown. As nervous investors watched their account balances plummet, viewers of MoneyTrack, her weekly PBS TV series deluged founder Pam Krueger with requests asking how they could find a truly trustworthy financial advisor. For years after, Pam continued her relentless quest to educate and advocate for consumers through the media. But she knew she could do more for them. After some very thorough - and extremely creative - thinking, Wealthramp was born.

From her experience working in the financial industry, Pam knew the truth: most so-called advisors were really investment or insurance sales reps, looking to earn big commissions on investments they were incentivized to sell.

She also understood there was an even larger problem: many people didn’t really understand how a financial advisor relationship should work, how advisors made their money, and why that mattered. Armed with her obsessive commitment to financial education, Pam set out to create a framework that would enable people to become informed, confident investors, and to build a productive, collaborative relationship with an expert fiduciary advisor who suited their unique needs and goals.

Her mission firmly in place, Pam began to build the Wealthramp network, sifting through the masses to find the independent advisors who were deeply experienced, committed to fiduciary best practices, and dedicated to a fee-only arrangement.

In 2019, with a rigorously vetted, hand-selected network of the very best fiduciary financial advisors in place, Wealthramp made its first match.

Ten thousand matches later, we’re going stronger than ever. And Pam still personally interviews and evaluates each potential advisor. Every day, our clients tell us about the extraordinary relationships they’ve developed with their advisors on Wealthramp, their growing confidence in their own financial knowledge, and the transformative power of their newfound peace of mind.

We’re here to help you get this right.

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