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About us


Wealthramp is an exciting new online tool that makes the whole process of choosing your best-fit advisor simple. Our proprietary matching process will finally help you connect with a fiduciary financial advisor who understands your specific priorities and will communicate in the manner you expect.

Just like eHarmony helps match people in romantic relationships, Wealthramp empowers you to find the right fiduciary advisor based on your personal preferences and provides the resources so you can learn how advisors differ from one another.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or a business, receiving an inheritance, dealing with a divorce, or trying to figure out how to roll over your 401k without getting hit with a giant penalty, it’s about helping you find the right fiduciary advisor at the right time.

There are some 60-thousand independent financial advisors practicing as fiduciaries in the U.S. Wealthramp is listening to consumers who say Investment advisor credentials are confusing and still don’t tell them if the advisor is the best fit.

These are some of the most common questions we hear from consumers:

•  Do all fiduciary financial advisors have the same expertise and credentials?

•  What’s a reasonable fee to pay for professional investment advice or ongoing financial planning?

•  How can I verify an advisor or wealth manager is truly a fiduciary?

•  Is every fiduciary advisor competent?

The founder of Wealthramp, Pam Krueger, is best known for her role as executive producer of the award-winning MoneyTrack television series on PBS. Pam’s now bringing her decades of experience and unbiased approach to educating investors about the good, bad and ugly of the financial advisory business. Pam has heard her MoneyTrack viewers loud and clear as they asked how to find qualified financial advisors who are not salespeople -- Wealthramp is Pam’s answer to those questions.


Our Vetting Process

The label, 'financial advisor' is confusing with good reason. Consider that there are at least a half million people in U.S. who call themselves 'financial advisors'. But 90% of them are really salespeople at brokerage firms or insurance companies. They get paid by their firms, not you. That leaves the 10% who operate as registered independent fiduciary financial advisors, and that's a good start. But being fiduciary doesn’t automatically mean that advisor is competent. This is where the real vetting has to come in. Learn more about the 3-step approach that Wealthramp’s CEO, Pam Krueger, take to vetting an advisor.



Wealthramp is a registered investment advisor and as such, we are set up to receive fees from the advisors in our network. After you hire an advisor referred by Wealthramp, the advisor shares a portion of the fee he or she has received from you. Advisors agree not to increase your fee to compensate Wealthramp. Advisors in our network do not pay Wealthramp for making an introduction, they only pay Wealthramp after the prospective client decides to hire them. This way, we feel our interests are aligned with both you, the client and the advisors in our community. Wealthramp doesn't receive compensation from advisor unless it is a successful relationship. You only pay the advisor once you have agreed to work with him or her. You will pay your advisor directly, based on your agreement.

Wealthramp’s ADV Part 2, Privacy Policy, and Solicitor’s Disclosure