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No two consumers are alike when it comes to financial situations and needs. That’s why we’ve carefully curated the Wealthramp advisor network to address different financial needs. While every advisor is deeply experienced and highly qualified, many specialize in specific areas.

Interested in socially responsible investing (SRI) or ESG? Want a retirement planning expert? Or tax-focused financial planning? No matter where your priorities and passions lie, we’re ready to match you with an advisor who can move you toward your financial goals.

Every advisor on the Wealthramp network is deeply experienced and highly qualified

Many specialize in specific areas to address any niche situations or needs you may have, including:
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Other financial planning needs

Fee-only? Fiduciary? Explain.

The Wealthramp network consists exclusively of fee-only fiduciary advisors. So, what does that mean, exactly?
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The advisor makes money by charging a set amount for the service they provide. They don’t earn commissions recommending or selling you investment products. That means no high-pressure sales pitches. When your advisor recommends an investment, it’s because they believe it’s truly right for you.


Simply put, fiduciary advisors are professionally and legally obligated to put your interests first. Surprisingly, non-fiduciary advisors – who are typically called brokers — are actually salespeople. And they are not legally held to the fiduciary standard at all times.

When an advisor on Wealthramp recommends an investment strategy, it’s because they believe it’s truly right for you. Wealthramp network advisors’ fees are typically based on the assets under management (AUM), a retainer or subscription fee, or an hourly or project-based fee. Actual fee structures depend on the complexity of your portfolio. 

Fiduciary advisors vs. investment brokers

We weed out the thousands of investment brokers and insurance sales reps who call themselves financial advisors but don’t meet fiduciary qualifications.

Fee-only fiduciary advisors

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Are legally obligated to put clients’ best interests first
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Do not earn sales commissions selling you insurance or investment products
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Are required by law to be transparent about their fees, and usually are paid based on assets under management or financial planning fees

Brokers/Sales reps

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Not legally required to put clients’ interests ahead of their own
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Have sales quotas and make money by selling you financial products
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May charge you fees and also collect sales commissions when you purchase a product they recommend, or even when you sell that investment

Not clear about the value of a fee-only financial advisor? Watch this short video
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