Aug 09 2023

FeeOnlyNetwork Launches Enhanced Find-An-Advisor Feature Powered by Wealthramp

The Like-Minded Investor Advocacy Organizations Are Teaming Up to Simplify the Advisor Search and Help Match More People with a Trusted Financial Advisor

New York, NY (Aug. 9, 2023) – FeeOnlyNetwork and Wealthramp, a fee-only advisor matching service, announced today a new partnership to simplify the advisor search. Visitors to FeeOnlyNetwork now have the option to connect with FeeOnlyNetwork members based on their specific financial situation and priorities, in addition to searching by location and keywords. The partnership provides access to Wealthramp’s rigorous vetting and personalized matching process for consumers who prefer an advisor recommendation over the traditional location based search. 

Thousands of consumers visit FeeOnlyNetwork each month looking for unbiased guidance on finding and working with a fee-only financial advisor. The network chose to partner with Wealthramp because of a shared mission of educating consumers and connecting investors with vetted, fee-only, fiduciary advisors. In addition, more than half of the advisors in the Wealthramp network are also members of the FeeOnlyNetwork, further illustrating the organic connection between the two companies and their unified efforts to elevate the fiduciary standard in the industry and educate people on why it matters. 

“The most popular advisor matching websites today have become marketing machines and put their bottom-line interest ahead of the investor while promoting advisors that put their own interest above the investor. The consumer pays the price while these companies make hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Allan Slider, founder of FeeOnlyNetwork. “We are partnering with Wealthramp to give investors more options in finding and selecting from the 2% of financial advisors who are fee-only and sworn fiduciaries at all times. Wealthramp’s focus on investor advocacy and empowering people to expect more from their advisory relationship is what excites me the most about aligning our two organizations.”

In addition to searching FeeOnlyNetwork’s comprehensive directory of vetted financial advisors by location, consumers can now be matched with up to three best-fit advisors based on their specific financial goals and preferences. After completing a 2-minute survey which uncovers their money priorities, goals and expectations of working with an advisor, individuals will receive up to three advisor matches. They can review advisor profiles to learn more about their fee structures, credentials and approach to client services. When ready, consumers have the option to schedule a meeting with any or all of their matched advisors. The first meeting is always free, and there is no obligation to hire any professional.

The Wealthramp experience places the consumer front and center and is the only matching service that never sells or shares consumer information without their permission. Individuals can move at their own pace with the confidence that they will never be emailed or called by any of the advisors on the network unless they specifically requested to be contacted. 

“Plenty of people consider themselves to be ‘financial advisors.’ But very few meet our expectations and requirements,” said Pam Krueger, CEO and founder of Wealthramp. “We’re long time admirers of FeeOnlyNetwork and find its approach to raising the visibility of fee-only financial advisors aligned with our own work. We’re proud to help consumers by forming a strategic alliance with FeeOnlyNetwork and joining the ranks of respected partner organizations like NAPFA and XY Planning Network.”

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About Wealthramp

Wealthramp is an SEC-registered advisor matching platform that connects consumers with rigorously vetted and qualified fee-only financial advisors. Since 2019, Wealthramp has matched more than 20,000 people to best-fit advisors. Built on the foundation of consumer education and privacy protection, Wealthramp screens out advisors with conflicts of interest and engages only with established fiduciary, fee-only advisors who work solely in the best interests of clients. The Wealthramp network includes independent CFPs, CFAs, and CPAs across the U.S. specializing in holistic financial planning, income strategies, stock-based compensation, special needs planning, and more.

About FeeOnlyNetwork elevates the visibility of fee-only financial advisors, individually and collectively.  Our platform gives consumers easy access to over 3,000 comprehensive profiles of vetted financial advisors working under the highest standard of fee-only compensation and fiduciary care. Fee-only advisors account for less than 2% of financial professionals who are compensated solely by the client and never make commission by selling financial products. 

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