About us


The core of WealthRamp’s editorial content is an agnostic and educational experience for investors. Pam Krueger is the founder of WealthRamp and an investor education expert best known for her role as creator and Executive Producer on PBS’s award-winning MoneyTrack television series. It was the show's viewers who pointed out that there's no credible online resource where everyday investors can easily find a qualified investment advisor.

Pam’s now bringing her decades of experience and agnostic approach to educating investors online. “WealthRamp is an exciting new online tool that will finally help our audiences find, vet, and connect with the best-fit financial advisors who practice as fiduciaries. Have you ever wondered what a financial advisor really does— or how they differ from one another? How do you know if you need to hire an advisor? How much does it really cost to have professional investment advice, and how do you protect yourself from getting scammed?” These are the questions most people want to ask. When something major changes in our lives it often impacts our finances— buying or selling a home or a business, an inheritance or understanding when it’s time to re-balance your portfolio or roll over 401k savings without getting hit with a giant penalty. It’s about finding the right advisor at the right time.”  Pam has heard her audiences loud and clear asking how to find qualified financial advisors who are not sales people, but advisors who work only for their clients. WealthRamp is growing into an online community where consumers—especially women—can feel comfortable learning what they really need to know about financial advisors. “Think eHarmony—this new tool empowers you to find the right advisor based on your personal preferences, and provides the resources so you can learn how advisors differ from one another.”  WealthRamp simplifies the whole process of choosing the best-fit advisor for consumers.


We launched WealthRamp in 2016 when our very first beta user from New Hampshire was matched to an investment advisor in Boston. Ever since, we've been quietly expanding beyond New England and Northern California.

We're made just over 300 matches, and every user's story is unique.

We're asking our users to answer questions that help us learn their priorities, and how they want to interact and communicate with an advisor. The biggest surprise so far has been that, male or female, our users tell us they actually like answering my questions. They say that when they see their own personal priorities organized in this way, it becomes clear what they really want and need from an advisor. This is what helps us make the best match for you.