A Five Year Journey to Find the Right Advisor

Sarah is a highly respected  therapist, author, and speaker, with over 30 years’ experience nearing retirement age. She’s also a hands-on investor who knows what she wants. Sarah was searching for a highly qualified fiduciary advisor with the right expertise for her situation, and who would be responsive to her needs. Sarah found her way to Wealthramp by filling out a simple survey she found on Instagram. She didn’t really expect to find a needle-in-a-haystack advisor this way, but took a chance. 

Sarah had already met several advisors that weren’t the right fit. Like many people, she didn’t want to just hand over the reins. What she really wanted was an expert to collaborate with, and someone who could meet her high expectations. 

Hiring the right advisor is one of the most important financial decisions anyone can make. It’s imperative to find someone you  can trust to provide comprehensive and holistic financial planning, guide you through the market highs and lows , stress-testing your biggest worries

After 5 years of searching, Sarah was about to give up. In this candid video, Sarah explains how she found Wealthramp, and why she trusted us to help her find the right advisor, Dana Mascalo.

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©2023, Wealthramp Inc. All Rights Reserved.