Who’s Watching Your Aging Parents’ Wallet

Pam Krueger: CEO of WealthRamp Nov 8th 2017

Over three seasons of producing MoneyTrack on PBS, I've come across a lot of scams. Almost all of them target older people, and most of the time the adult children had no idea their parents were victimized. In my latest article featured on Investopedia, you can read my tips on how to talk to your parents about their money.

"My parents were in their mid-40s when I was born. By the time I was a senior in high school, my mom and dad were already considered senior citizens. But both my parents were intelligent, thoughtful, practical people blessed with razor-sharp wits – especially my dad, who had a particularly keen sense of humor."  Continue reading on Investopedia...


 I let it get too late and already he had his fingers in their money and then the dementia kicked in. Don't wait
My parents didn't respond well to this talk at all, but I lack the soft skills to pull this off. Any idea how I can bring someone in to help? Without upsetting them further

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