Wealthramp Client Story: Jan says having the right financial advisor is game-changing

Pam Krueger February 03, 2022
Wealthramp User Story: Jan says having the right advisor is game-changing

I sat down with Jan over dinner recently to find out how she’s doing. Jan originally came to Wealthramp in late 2020 with lots of questions. Her story answers, in a very real and personal way, what I get asked so often, “How do I know if it’s really worth it to hire a financial advisor?

It was so nice hearing Jan express how she feels now after having gotten to know and work with her financial advisor - that this future she’s planning is becoming a reality. I’m really proud of the advisors I’ve chosen and vetted for Wealthramp because they truly are game-changers.

Jan’s Story

“…for my financial advisor to spend 45 minutes to an hour to explain what the S&P is… and understanding why you put money in different areas…because you’re weighing all the odds.

And to be told that the average, even though we’ve been doing great in the last 3-5 years in the stock market, the average is only 6%. And that when you see the market drop, just remember, you’re going to see it go up someplace different.

I’ve got to say, my world has turned upside down since I’ve met my financial advisor. It's taken my fear and relaxed it into a comfort.

And I can live now…I can go live in Europe…I feel like I can actually retire and I don’t have to work as hard as I’ve been working. I don’t have to work seven days a week in two jobs full time. I got this!”

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