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Joe McNay is featured in this week's Wall St. Journal

Joe McNay is featured in this week's Wall St. Journal

September 20, 2016

Joe McNay has a talent very few can mimic. So proud Joe is a big part of Wealthramp.

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I just can't commit the time needed to fully understand the markets and pick stocks, so I'm thankful I found Wealthramp because it seems much easier to find an advisor I can trust.

My last advisor lost a lot of my money through poor trading decisions. Seems it's rare to find someone with as much talent as Mr. McNay here.

Financial advisors get a lot of bad media attention these days because only the crooked ones make headlines...

He absolutely deserves the attention.

Joe McNay is a true champion in my book!  Our conversations are always comfortable - Joe is engaging and readily available for any questions I may have.  He has given me peace of mind.  He steadfastly guards and grows my investments.  Joe's sage advice and strategies give me confidence that a comfortable retirement is within reach.  He is truly amazing.  Thanks Wealthramp for a great financial advisor match.  Wonderful Wall St. Journal article.  

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