How Does Wealthramp Match Me to an Advisor?

Pam Krueger May 22, 2019
How Does Wealthramp Match Me to an Advisor?

How Wealthramp matches an individual with the best-fit independent fiduciary advisor is a recurring question. To best answer it, here’s an explanation on several levels.

Are We More Like eharmony® or

We’re much more specific and careful than either dating site is on helping people meet online. For example, Wealthramp’s algorithm is not a “fill in the zip code” box. Our goal is to deliver a real match that results in a long-term financial relationship. The best advisor fits both your financial priorities and meets your expectations for how often you want to communicate.

It’s All About Your Priorities and Your Privacy

Our process is quick and easy because we put you in control of it all:

  • When you’re looking for the right advisor, right now, the questions we ask help to screen out the advisors who do not fit your preferences.

  • Some answers are binary, but most are weighted. Adam Clarey, Wealthramp’s CTO, has an Artificial Intelligence background that has enabled him to design the system so that some answers are black-and-white but most are shades of gray. For example, This means that if you’re looking for a female advisor, we won’t show you any males. That’s definitive qualifier.

  • Each answer you provide is scored so that the resulting match winds up being a combination of those attributes.

  • Say you’re somewhat interested in socially responsible investing, and at the same time you want a tax expert who is local. All those factors are combined to deliver the best-fit match. Another example is location: we typically give you a choice of local, regional, or anywhere. Location is one, but not the only important factor in making a good match on Wealthramp.

  • However, if we find that an advisor has the specialized expertise that you really want, and  may not be located close by, our algorithm will pull the best advisor who aligns with your other priorities and is as close geographically as possible.

  • Next, we let you review your matches to a select number of independent fiduciary advisors who match your needs, with their bios in their profiles.

Remember, once you’re matched, it will be you who starts the conversation with your matches.

Wealthramp Is Still Growing

We’re now operating in most of the U.S. But occasionally, there may not be a fee-only fiduciary advisor match in a particular area. In that case, I urge you to reach out to me directly.



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